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Everything you need to know about our wrecker service

Detroit Tow truck is a roadside assistance company that operates out of the Livonia area.

Do you need a wrecker service in the Livonia area fast? We are on call 24/7 for all your emergency issues when you have a roadside issue and suddenly need a breakdown service in Livonia fast.

We will respond to your call immediately and get one of our operators out to you as soon as we can.

One of the things we are well known for is a competitive price and we know that in these times you need to look for the most competitive emergency service but would still like to get the best quality too. We work with most of the AAA style of plans that are available to motorists, and we realize that once you are part of a breakdown service plan then you might prefer to use a car or wrecker service that is connected to your plan.

Tire Repair or a flat tire.

This is another of the emergency services that we cover and if you find yourself with a damaged tire or any other tire-related problem on the roadside – or for that matter at your home, call us and we will come out and fix your problem.

Flat Battery service

We are aware of how much trouble freezing weather and other things can cause issues with your battery, and when you need to get your car fixed as quickly as possible, so you are not late for school, work, or an appointment, then give us a call and we will come to your car and jump-start the car for you.

Mechanical Breakdown.

When your car suffers a critical mechanical breakdown and you need to get a tow to your local service centre, we are the best service that you can use to get that sorted as fast as possible. It’s bad enough that you have the cost of a repair to pay for, so allow us to offer you the most competitive towing price you can find.

Unlock your vehicle.

You would be amused as to how many of these types of calls we get related to keys that are locked in a vehicle and you need to just get it unlocked as quick as possible. give us a call and we will help you get over this problem as fast as possible.

Many thanks for reading this page and calling our telephone number for the best wrecking service in Livonia.

Detroit tow truck
Detroit tow truck
Detroit tow truck
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